Attendance Policy

Attendance at Festival Events

The Festival gets very busy so we ask for your patience with staff and volunteers.

Please note that your attendance at any Festival event signifies your agreement to comply with the guidelines for attendance.

Arrival at events

For events with a start time, we reserve the right to refuse entry after the event has started, without refunding any ticket price. For drop-in events, you are welcome to arrive at any time.

There will be an age guide within the event description and there may be an enforced age restriction depending on the nature and content of an event. Children (under 18) and vulnerable adults should be accompanied at all times.

The Festival will refund the ticket price if an event has to be cancelled, but if it is rescheduled your ticket will be validated for the replacement event. The Festival will not be liable for any personal expense related to an event cancellation or reschedule.

Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and only valid when purchased directly from official Festival outlets.

Every effort will be made to accommodate audience members with specific access requirements. Please contact the Festival in good time to make sure the correct infrastructure will be in place: [email protected].

Behaviour at events

You must comply with all applicable health and safety, security, fire and other rules and regulations in force at the event, which will be clearly indicated or explained.

Event organisers reserve the right to refuse admission or remove people from the event, without refund, for reasons of disruptive behaviour or non-compliance of rules or regulations.

Disruption may take many forms, and if for example someone is using a question and answer opportunity to communicate a point of view in an aggressive manner, it may be met with the following course of action:

  1. Event organisers ask for a (lengthy) comment to be framed as a question;
  2. Event organisers may then ask the comment to be drawn to a close because it is damaging the experience of the entire audience;
  3. Event organisers may ask the individual offering a lengthy and disruptive interjection to either stop causing disruption or to leave the event; and then
  4. Event organisers may remove the individual from a digital event, or seek assistance from venue security escort an individual off the premises.

Live streaming or audio/video recordings may not be made without the prior permission of the event organisers, Festival team or speaker/performer.

The use of professional cameras and audio-visual recording equipment is prohibited without permission of the event organisers, Festival team or speaker/performer.

Festival events may be (audio-visual) recorded with this managed affording to our Data Management Policy.

Perimeter signage with an ‘opt‑out’ clause will assume consent to participate in this, unless the Festival is notified.