Inside the COVID brain

17 October, 7:00 pm

45 minsTeenage, AdultPWYD

Talk | Science, Technology, The Mind

COVID-19 has been this year’s big disrupter and life might not return to normal for a long time to come. The Explorazone finale takes you on a live tour with the help of a volunteer and a powerful brain scanner to understand the effects this coronavirus can have on the human body. There will be time to ask questions about the research and hear the experience of at least one COVID-19 survivor.

Stuart Clare is a physicist by training and has been studying the brain using functional MRI for over 25 years.  He is passionate about highlighting the role of physics and maths in neuroscience research, and is regularly involved with schools, science fairs and museums.



This event takes place in the Explorazone Digital Auditorium. The ‘book now’ button will take you to the registration page for Explorazone Digital.

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