Make your own pinhole camera

30 October, 2:00 pm

1 hr7 - 12 yrsFree

Workshop, Hands-on | History, Photography

Have you ever wondered how photography was invented? In this online session with the History of Science Museum (HSM), you will be shown how to build your own pin-hole camera and how to adapt it into a camera obscura. We will explore photographic images from the archives and find out how the camera obscura led to the invention photography.

You will need: 2 pieces of white card, scissors, foil, sellotape, pin and baking/tracing paper

This online event is for ages 7+, we advise that an adult takes part/supervises.

Please email us at [email protected] to reserve your space on a first come, first served basis, the online booking link will be sent out closer to the event.

This event forms part of the Photo Oxford Festival, this year’s theme is ‘Women and Photography’, there is a corresponding display at the HSM which is free to all visitors. More details can be found on the Festival here: