NeuroTales (1 of 2)

20 October, 7:30 pm

1 hrTeenage, AdultPWYD

Talks | Science, The Mind, Health & Medicine

The brain is host to many mysteries. It controls so much of what we do and who we are, but how? In the first of two events, meet researchers who have dedicated their working lives to finding out the mysteries of the mind – join their personal stories that shine a light on the human element that influences science.

Jesper Andersson started out as a physicist in a small town called Uppsala in Sweden. He learnt about Magnetic Resonance Imaging at University College London. His current MRI research in Oxford is about fixing any problems with the images, to achieve the best possible representation of the object (usually the brain).



Selene Lee has studied at London universities and is currently researching proteins that have a role in Parkinson’s Disease and researching methods for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.



MaryAnn Noonan is interested in how individuals learn and make decisions. She’s investigating how the brain’s cognitive functions develop across adolescence and how the brain adapts during this critical period of life.



Hannah Willis is looking at what happens when there is damage to the visual system after stroke. She is interested in which areas of the brain are involved in the rehabilitation of vision in stroke survivors.



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