Uncomfortable Oxford weekly scavenger hunts

On Demand

Teenage, AdultFree

Self-guided walk | Society, History, Ethics, Identity

Each week at 10am on Saturday, Uncomfortable Oxford will release a self-guided scavenger hunt, combining story-telling, puzzles and critical thinking. Participants will be given a riddle to solve which points towards an object hidden in Oxford’s built environment. Once you have found this object, scan the QR code and you will be presented with a story of its provenance and questions that confront its place within the historical and physical landscape.

Tweet  [@UnOxProject] when you solve the hunt to be entered into a prize draw for free tours, posters, and more!

Object 1: 3 October @ 10am

Object 2: 10 October @ 10am

Object 3: 17 October @ 10am

Object 4: 24 October @ 10am

Object 5: 31 October @ 10am

Photo: Kati Lacey