by Michael, age 15


My eyes daze shut.

In a flash, I’m gone.

We’re gone.


Venturing through a vast cosmos

Venturing through an unparalleled unknown

My eyes twitch,

My hairs itch,

I’m suddenly, all alone.



Stuck at the rudiments of space and time

Trapped. In a dense formation of preternatural slime

Elements Collide,

Temperatures rise,

BANG! The Earth is alive.


An angry sphere of flaming fire

Molten. Monstrous. Magnificent.

Fazed in response to the performance before me

Trembling at awe to the magnificence of glory

Questioning my fear of the flame.


An unanticipated cry of irreparable climax,

Displays of divine emotion.

Shrieks and shakes and trembling tremors,

The melting of molten crust.


The Earth is formed,

In all its glory.

A true spectacle of lava and light,

Shrouded by the enigma of night.


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